Shōrin-ryū is one of the major modern Okinawan martial arts and is one of the oldest styles of karate. Shorin-Ryu karate is of Okinawan origin, coming to this country in the early 1960’s. An extremely conservative fighting style, Shorin-Ryu karate is a centuries old merger of Chinese kung-fu and the Okinawan punching art, Te, meaning fist. Students are instructed according to traditional Okinawan technique involving the use of hands, feet and elbow. A number of appropriate conditioning exercises are an integral part of the training. This style of karate emphasizes kata (traditional forms) in which the students learn to combine blocking and offensive techniques. Additional training involves circle, line and floor exercises as well as self-defense tactics.

Whether you are a person seeking a new way to increase your fitness level, or a skilled athlete looking for a new challenge, men and women from all backgrounds are invited to accept the rigorous training of Shorin-Ryu Karate.

This martial arts style isn’t for everyone, but if you persevere in this class, you will be better equipped to handle yourself on the street. We will teach you to punch, block and kick with focus and power, while you learn to make correct decisions under duress.

Rank is awarded based on ability, in the true tradition of the martial arts with only white, green, brown and black belt ranking.

This is a cardiovascular class, which will provide a challenge as you learn to fight. For serious students who wish to train year round in a respectful, safe, yet intense manner.