Kōseki Budōkai

We offer instruction in the Martial Arts and Ways Japan.  Our curriculum includes the study of Karate (striking art), Kenjutsu (swordsmanship), and Aikijutsu (unarmed combat).

In our dōjō we strive to perfect the techniques, arts, and strategies born of Japan's feudal samurai. The techniques forge the body and spirit. The arts cultivate an appreciation of quiet elegance. The strategies provide a limitless means to implement both in the present.

 Visitors Welcome.  Join us on the path.



The Kōseki Budōkai is part of a worldwide network of independent dōjōs, united by the arts we study. Classes are held locally in Dumfries, Sterling, and Anaopolis, MD (See Affiliated dōjōs for full list).

For us, learning a technique well enough to do it with proper form, speed, power, and without thinking, is a good beginning…

But that is all it is: a beginning.

Currently accepting applications from serious adults who never want to settle for AVERAGE again.

Kōseki Budōkai currently trains at:

17801 Oyster Bay Ct

Dumfries, VA 22026